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John N Williams Pty Ltd
provides specialist
advice in most areas of
Taxation and

- Taxation Services

- Financial and Management Accounting

- Strategic and Business Planning

- Succession Planning

- Litigation Support

- Superannuation Services

Our general accounting work includes providing services to clients
who operate a business or businesses. This can range from
relatively small to medium sized employers within the Tasmanian

Our client base includes a higher degree of farmers, medical
practitioners, salaried professionals, retirees, investors and Self
Managed Superannuation Funds.

Medical practitioners form the largest class of clients within the
practice with these largely based in Tasmania but generally from
around Australia. This includes employed Doctors, General
Practitioners, Private Consultants as well as Medical Groups. Apart
from assistance with their accounting and taxation work, we also
provide specialist advice in regards to structuring and entity

We provide accounting advice and services to a sizeable number of
farmers in the area of preparing annual financial statements as well
as assisting them with their tax planning, government assistance,
finance, investments and general business advice.

With respect to investors, we provide taxation and accounting
services and where requested additional advice in the area of
taxation planning and estate planning matters. The office does not
provide any financial planning services whatsoever but work closely
in relation with the client's financial adviser to generate the right

The practice has grown largely in recent years with respect to
superannuation services, whereby it now provides audit services for
SMSF's to other accountants and financial planners involved in the
area of administering SMSFs. We also provide administration,
financial accounting and taxation services with regards to SMSF's.
The office has a wealth of experience in not just general matters
but specific matters involving superannuation.